‘I think you do sterling work with all the patients I refer to you and the feedback is always positive.’ (Consultant Psychiatrist).
‘Many thanks for your wisdom and support.’ (Health care professional).
‘It has been such a long time since I last saw you and so much has happened. I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me, really THANK YOU!’
(Management Consultant).
‘Thank you for never prescribing what I had to do, but for helping me to realise it myself.’ (Teacher).
‘I would like to thank you for being the one to help me when I thought no one could.’ (Journalist).
‘I’m back in the USA now but wanted to thank you for helping me through a bad patch, you were the release valve that kept me from exploding.’
(Financial services).
‘I feel like I have overcome a major hurdle and seem to be more positive about the opportunities open to me in the future.’ (Student).
‘This year has been a challenging journey for me from which I have taken more personal learning from than I could have anticipated, you were absolutely central to this outcome and I am very grateful.’ (International Hotel Chain Executive).
'I felt you understood me very well and were able to help me express things I never really talk about.' (Product Development executive IT Company).
'Our sessions were fantastic; they were literally a key element in enabling me to succeed in my work and other life challenges.' (Management Consultant).

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