Whilst the majority of the work undertaken at Live Forwards Counselling is one to one therapy with clients, we also offer a supervision service for our fellow health professionals and students in training. Below is a brief outline of our approach.
It is a professional working ethic that psychologists and psychotherapists cannot work with clients without ongoing supervision, whilst students in clinical placements must also complete a stipulated quota of supervision hours. As an experienced Chartered Counselling Psychologist, and former senior lecturer at a London University, I bring to supervision a combination of practical and theoretical experience designed to make supervision both challenging and rewarding. Outlined below is my preferred way of providing supervision for fellow mental health professionals and students.
Whilst supervision is a dynamic interaction between supervisor and supervisee, and thus it is not possible to be prescriptive, the following will most certainly be addressed:
Reflection on the content of therapeutic sessions.
Exploration of the techniques and strategies used, e.g. the supervisee's therapeutic interventions and theoretical approach.
Exploration of the therapeutic relationship.
The feelings of the supervisee towards their client, i.e. are there counter transference issues to consider? Have personal issues been re-stimulated through contact with a particular client?
A focus on what is happening 'here-and-now' between supervisor and supervisee. The relationship in the supervision session may exhibit similar features to the relationship between supervisee and client.
The establishment and maintenance of therapeutic boundaries.
Any ethical dilemmas raised by working with particular clients.
Practical contractual issues between supervisee and their clients.
The working alliance between supervisor and supervisee will be based on that of a good therapeutic relationship and will thus reflect best practice:
Each session of supervision will last fifty minutes.
Fees will be discussed when agreeing a contract and for students will vary depending on the stage of training.
The date, time and location of each session will be agreed at the completion of the previous session.
If the supervisee needs to cancel any session this must be done twenty four hours in advance. Any session cancelled outside the twenty four hour agreement will incur the full charge.
Confidentiality is ensured within the normal ethical guidelines of the British Psychological Society (BPS).

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