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Chartered Psychologist specialising in Counselling Psychotherapy & Supervision BPS Accredited Associate Fellow with wide Clinical and Therapeutic Experience

Andrew J Smith
CPsychol AFBPsS MSc BSc(Hons)
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of meaning in life

'It is perfectly true, as philosophers say, that life must be understood backwards.
But they forget the other proposition, that it must be lived forwards.'
This quote captures beautifully the core principle adhered to at Live Forwards Counselling. Most of us at times look at our lives and wonder how we got to where we are, or how we became who we are, why we behave in certain ways and feel certain things.
Therapy is a process by which through interacting with an experienced professional, you can gain a deeper insight into how you see yourself and others, how you relate and how you sense others relate to you. Live Forwards Counselling offers you an opportunity to increase your understanding of how you deal with the challenges in life we all face. In short, what works for you, but also importantly what might usefully be changed.
We all know at certain times that either due to external events, or because we no longer feel at ease with ourselves, we have to change. Any period of transition can make us feel anxious, uncertain and even depressed. It is because of this, that at the very moment we need to put changes in place, we often settle for our current situation, no matter how unrewarding that might be. The great challenge is to choose something different for ourselves, to take personal responsibility for our well-being. For most of us that can seem like a daunting process, but it need not be.
My extensive experience as a psychologist at a prominent London Clinic established in 1981, and at Transport For London, together with my time as a Senior Lecturer at a London University, have fully equipped me to offer you the highest quality of care. Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues or any of the other problems listed opposite, you will be treated professionally and with complete respect.
You may wish to refer yourself to Live Forwards Counselling or come via your GP or a Consultant Psychiatrist, first and foremost I will want to hear from you in your own words about your experiences. This is crucial as I also know from my time as a psychologist, working in various organisations at home, and during my time living and working abroad, that you only really get to know somebody when they have time to share their story with you.
All too often people feel alone with their troubles, at Live Forwards Counselling you will find someone who will help you face and deal with problems that can appear insurmountable. Since becoming fully qualified in 2000, it has become abundantly clear to me that the provision of a safe, non judgemental and collaborative environment, offers clients an opportunity to reach a greater acceptance of themselves, and to find life in general more rewarding.

Tel: 020 7060 7377

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